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The contribution of mining to total exports in 2010 amounted to 14.5%

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Source: CIA Factbook


It has few natural resources salt, gypsum, diatomite and construction materials are among those and little related industry. Salt production is carried out on a semi-industrial scale at Lake Assal and Djibouti is the 10th largest producer of salt in Africa accounting for 2.8% of total output.

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  • Westgold Resources NL of Australia and Green River Geology Company (Pty) Ltd formed a joint venture in February 2004 to explore for gold on two properties in Djibouti. Preliminary exploration work started in the first half of 2004.

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Although there is currently no upstream (exploration or production) oil activity in Djibouti, the government has tried to generate interest in offshore oil exploration without success.

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