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AngloGold puts mines up for sale - 2014/11/03
Positive U.S. economic outlook rings bad news for gold - 2014/10/31
"Mining Companies Cutting $10 Billion Heralds Boom:Commodities"
"Peak gold is here to stay"
China should aim for 8,500t gold reserve - China Gold president
China gold production seen rising 10% to record levels
South African gold output continues to fall – how much further?
"10 Countries Hoarding Massive Amounts Of Gold"
 "Junior Mining Company Credibility in Question"
"Cashless juniors! Off with their heads!"

Five percent of gold juniors deliver 90% of the performance

"Throwing out bubble parasites - Junior survival series"
John Kaiser the editor of Kaiser Research Online said in September 2013 that out of the 1,400 TSX Venture companies that he covers, 721 or more than half of them have less than $200,000 in working capital, which is barely enough to last another year. In addition, there are 600 juniors trading below 20¢ with negative working capital.
 Low gold miner M & A shows signs of missed opportunity

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