Zijin Mining Group Company Ltd

  • Zijin Mining Group Company Ltd (China) mines in China. China yielded 240.078 tonnes of gold bullion in 2006, up 16.028 tonnes or 7.15% from 2005. Gold smelting companies produced 73.011 tonnes of gold bullion with 13.55% gains over the previous year. The top five gold companies contributed 83.89% of the country's total output by gold smelting companies.According to a statement by the National Development and Reform Commission, China has increased its estimated unmined gold reserves by 700 tonnes and plans to boost output of the precious metal 8,3% in 2007 to 260 tonnes. China, the fourth-biggest gold producer in the world, has about 4,000 tonnes of unmined gold. It is reportedly the world's third largest gold consumer with an annual consumption of about 200 tons.

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