Enirgi Group's New Technology Allows Significant Lithium Extraction

Enirgi Group's New Technology Allows Significant Lithium Extraction

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30, 2014 (Bernama) -- Enirgi Group Corporation's new proprietary Lithium Extraction technology could produce lithium directly from unconcentrated raw brine at commercial scale and reduce the processing time drastically from 500+ days to less than 24 hours.

This technology has exceeded all expectations and totally eliminated the need for capital intensive mega-evaporation pond infrastructure, said a statement issued today by the company in Toronto, Canada.

The technology was developed and validated by the company's Applied Innovation Division, in partnership with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Minerals Division (ANSTO Minerals) at demonstration plant scale (1,500 tpa Lithium Carbonate Equivalent or "LCE").

"We plan to commence construction of an initial 50,000 tpa LCE plant at Enirgi Group's Salar del Rincon situated in Salta Province, Argentina in 2015 and to be in production in 2017," explained Cameron Stanton, Enirgi's Group VP of Innovation and Technology in the same statement.

The statement added this technology is expected to deliver one of the lowest production cost for brine-based lithium resources, about 50 percent less than the processing costs of existing hard rock operations.

This revolutionary technology was conceptualized, developed, proven in the laboratory and is now proven at scalable demonstration level within one year.


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