De Beers halts operations at SA mines (Source: Mining Weekly)

By: Creamer Media Reporter
Published: 25 Jan 08 - 19:12

Diamonds giant De Beers had suspended all mining operations in South Africa due to power shortages in the country, the firm said on Friday evening.

“Due to a severe national power shortage in South Africa all major mining operations, which are major clients of Eskom, have been requested to immediately reduce consumption of power from the national grid to an absolute minimum,” De Beers said in a statement.

The firm had ceased production from its six mines, Venetia, Finsch, Kimberley, Cullinan, The Oaks and Namaqualand.

"We have initially been advised to prepare for contingencies for a cut in power that may last for some time and are awaiting further information from Eskom," the company said.

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