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The Tsohon Birnin Gwari gold deposit in Kaduna State is within the Kushaka schist belt of northwestern Nigeria. It was an active gold mine in the 1930's when over 600 oz of gold were produced. The gold mineralization is within a series of metasediments that lie in a number of isoclinal fold structures trending N-S and with a strong foliation parallel to the axial planes of the folds. The Kushaka belt is also associated with another prominent occurrence of gold mineralization referred to as the Kwaga locality.

The occurrence of gold has been reported from the following states: Kano, Katsina, Kogi, Kwara, Borno, Niger, Cross river, Ondo, Osun, Edo, Zamfara and Kaduna. In all, 65 occurrences of gold have been reported in the country. Nigeria Mining Corporation (NMC), as part of an on-going privatization programme, invited prospective investors in 2007 to express interest in acquiring any of the following Mineral Titles, which were hitherto held by them: SML 21302 (Gold (Magami, Shiroro LGA, Niger), SML 2130 (Gold (Magami, Shiroro LGA, Niger), EPL 17222 (Gold (Bukkuyum LG, Zamfara), EPL 17223 (Gold (Bukkuyum LG, Zamfara), EPL 17224 (Gold (Bukkuyum LG, Zamfara), EPL 17225 (Gold (Bukkuyum LG, Zamfara), EPL 17227 (Gold (Bukkuyum LG, Zamfara), EPL 14000/EPL 14001 (Gold (Waya, Yauri, Kebbi), EPL 13212 (Talc, Gold, Cassiterite, Atakumosa, Oyo State), EPL 13214 (Talc, Gold, Cassiterite, Atakumosa, Oyo State).
  • Golden Star Resources Ltd (AMEX:GSS; TSX:GSC) is forming a joint venture with a Nigerian company, International Gems, to explore gold occurrences in the northern state of Zamfara in an area explored in the 1930's by German companies.
  • ERIN Resources Pty Ltd (Australian Incorporated) owns 100% of Erin Mineral Resources (Nigeria) which is the operating company in Nigeria. ERIN has an office and an exploration team working out of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and has four granted gold and nickel licenses.

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