Gold in Angola

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No industrial gold mining operations exist in Angola. Approximately 90% of the country's production has been mined by artisanal miners. Both Huila and Cunene Provinces have been prospected by companies such as Ashanti Gold Company Limited and Anglo American plc in the past.
  • Gold mining in Angola has largely been concentrated in the Maiombe region of Cabinda province. It has been reported that approximately 500 kg of gold have been removed from this region, mainly from small tributaries of the Luali River in central Cabinda. The alluvial gold was associated with vein quartz in granite. The average recovered grade varied between 1 and 2g/m3 however, a number of higher grade "pockets" were recorded. Some 90 percent of Angola’s gold production is from the area, but other alluvial gold deposits are found in Kwanza Norte, Huila and Cunene provinces.

  • The Mpopo deposit is the largest known primary gold deposit in Angola, some 36 km south-west of Cassinga. This deposit comprises auriferous quartz veins, and has an estimated possible mineral resource of 700,000 t at 8 g/t. It is thought that 23 300 t of ore at 6 g/t gold (a total of 140kg gold) have already been removed from this deposit. Alluvial placer deposits also occur nearby, and have been mined in the past.

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