Gold In Burundi

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Burundi Mining Corporation (State) holds the mining title to most of the country’s primary gold occurrences, which are concentrated in Muyinga Province in northeastern Burundi.
  • Burundi Mining Corporation has been working on a gold project at Muyinga. Buminco, a joint venture between the government and private entrepreneurs, planned to begin small-scale mining in the Muyinga region, where there are 2 t of proven reserves.
  • International Gold Exploration AB (Swedish, and also active in Kenya, Angola) is exploring the deposits in Mabayi-Butara, an area located in the north-western part of the country, about 75 km north of the capital city, Bujumbura. Artisanal mining produced 5 310 kg gold from 1933 to 1962.
  • Gold mineralization has been reported from Masaka.

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